Tempelhof times

"All airports were once wilderness. 
In the future they will return to wilderness. 
Berlin has made peace with this idea" 
- Nathaniel Rich, The Atlantic, April 2014

© Annewil Stroo | www.annewil-stroo.nl

I love the vibe of this former airport. Its wideness, its horizon.
he feeling of freedom when you walk the runways and the way history has found new use in today's world. 
This summer I happened to live next to one of its Neukolln entrances and so Tempelhof became one of
my daily hang out spots. Perfect for long solitary walks and bike rides, for emptying your head,
for watching the sunset at the end of the day or the sunrise after one of those very late nights out,
 for picnics with friends, for writing, for kiting, for reading. And also, a fantastic photo shoot location!


ingeborg said...

Zo mooi!

Anonymous said...

oh, makes me homesick. I used to live quite near for a while :)

querido diário said...


Denise Parsons said...

I'm always in search of those places for emptying one's head. Looks as if you found a good one.