Mini Print Giveaway!

© 2014 Annewil Stroo | Paris Mini Print Giveaway

I've been working on a very fun new project: 
For an upcoming exhibition I selected #100 Paris photographs that I took between 2009 & 2013 when I was living there. I printed them on small size and hung them all together as a whole. So much fun to outline these 4 years of my Parisian life in some of my favorite snapshots! The result gives an impression of how Paris caught my eye whilst at the same time every photograph tells its own story. All photographs are for sale 
as mini-prints (9x13) and to celebrate I decided to make a little giveaway out of it :) 

How to enter?
 Have a look here and leave a comment on this post to let me know which 2 numbers are your favorites. 
I'll randomly select 3 winners on Thurs 27 who will receive the two mini-prints of their choice. 
Anyone anywhere can participate!

I will also share this post on facebook - give me a like if you're there too :)


Steph said...

wow!! I'm def in :)
cool project!
nr 13 & 78 are my favorites - fingers crossed!!

Christy said...

I'd love to have 30 & 36 hanging on my wall, they make a fantastic pair together!!

Francisco said...

I love the way Paris catches your eye Anne!
You would make me very happy with nr 7 & 9.
Thx for the opportunity!

Pascale said...

Cool !
Difficult choice.

Lilaure said...

Merci pour ce petit concours.
C'est vraiment difficile de choisir, mais mes préférées sont de la même série, les 21 et 23.
Bon week-end!

Anonymous said...

Wat een prachtige beelden, heel fijntjes vol sfeer. Ik vind 24 en 72 mooie foto'.s Ze tonen een moment op het straatbeeld, zonder dat iemand het in de gaten heeft. En het moment gaat voorbij en er volgen weer nieuwe... Prachtige stad vol mooie mensen en mooie beelden. Bedankt voor het delen. Liesbeth de Koning-Mol

Anonymous said...

these are fantastic. I used to live in Paris for a while, and your pics bring back good memories. I also had a look around the rest of your website. great work!!

Xavier said...

Du très beau travail Anne!
J'adore les 58 & 59.

ivan said...

Mooi werk!

ivan said...

En uiteraard maak ik graag een kans op twee van die mooie prints :) Moeilijke keus, maar ik denk dat ik voor 31 en 82 ga... fijn weekend!

Nadine Maas said...

Wonderful idea...And beautiful images!
I'd love to participate, with nrs. 3 and 39.
Good luck with you work!
Bests, Nadine

suzie said...

so hard...you know I'm a big fan of the doubles, the pinholes, the slightly obscure
N°s 52 and 91 are probably my faves :)

Max said...

88 & 34... great project!

les pétroleuses said...

quel beau projet !!!! et merci de nous proposer ce giveaway !!!!
bon je les aime toutes tes images mais je dirais 52 et 74, tes N&B sont superbes ! des bizzz

Liz said...

Your work is so fantastic! I don't think I could possibly pick! Hmm maybe #68 and #16?

Also, I would love to do a print trade if you are interested!

bbulk said...

27 & 31 are the best.

Judy said...

Bonjour Annewil
I love 41 nd 445 because they remind me of many wonderful times in Parisian gardens: people watching, soaking up sunshine, dreaming and watching French children play. Oh beautiful memories!I would give these images to my 18 month old grand daughter who lives in London, so that she grows up in love with France as I am :)

Actually I really love all of your images such subtlety, so delicate and evocative.

Bonne journée


Emmy said...

All of these snapshots resonate with me and each one of them seems to have a partner that it would look lovely hanging next to. I'd particularly love to give 42 and 86 to my mum for her Paris inspired home renovation. You have a very clever eye for detail, Anne!

Marieke van der Perk said...

Prachtige beelden! Zeker zo allemaal bij elkaar.
Mijn keuze zou zijn 72 & 94!

Li + Belle said...

I love all of you pics. But the favorits are 16 + 78.

Mark said...

Hi Anne, great shots and good memories for me too. I choose #31 and #84. Mark

An said...
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Willemijn said...

Wat een prachtige beelden!
Ik doe graag mee met nummers 33 & 92!

Nadja said...

Thank you Anne for organizing this great giveaway, I'm a big fan of your photographs so hopefully I'll be one of the winners ;) It's a difficult choice (I like all of them!) but 24 & 41 are some of my favorites... fingers crossed!

sandra said...

Great! Hard to choose, i like 32, 34, 46 en 99 the best. I think.. grtz!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

not easy to choose at all, but i love both 23& 35.

Lewis said...

Can I still play along?
I choose 69 & 79, think you know why ;)
See u soon my dear!

Ana said...

Lovely work Anne! As always :)
I'd love to play along with #3 & #45.

Raquel said...

Me encanta mucho!!
#44 & #86

Mathieu said...

Merci pr ce ptt concours Anne!
Mes préférées sont #21 & #2.
Bonne continuation!