De Zeeuwse Meisjes

Any 'Rotterdammers' among you..? Last month 'De Zeeuwse Meisjes' opened the doors of their lovely vintage store/coffee bar/design studio in Katendrecht. Cool concept, cool location, cool name & cool girls! I had a fun photo shoot with them on one of the warmest days of July - these are the results!

PS: Happy to announce that they are also selling my photo cards!!


Ana Pina said...

Great news Anne!
And I just noticed you're in Amsterdam now - I visited it last year and I must say it looked like a wonderful city to live in - I kind of dreamed about it ;) well, but for now I guess I'll stick to sunny Portugal... wish you all the best!

sarapirat said...

oh yes,
rotterdammer in my soul!
volgende keer in rotje ga ik de zeeuwse meisjes bezoeken!

leuk je hier weer te zien posten..

Anne said...

I can understand the sunny part Ana :) Thanks for your wishes!

En Sara, geef maar een seintje de volgende keer dat je weer hier bent, dan kom ik wellicht ook even een koffie doen - leuk!