Les derniers jours

Strolling through the Louvre on a quiet, early morning. Enjoying the view from Buttes Chaumont. Drinking wine in one of the nice bars along the Canal. Jazz manouche au Piano Vache. Visiting the Marché d'Aligre. Eating as much cheese and pastries as I can. Watching old movies at the Cinemateque & in the Rue ChampollionPromenading along the Seine.

And of course, spending some good time in my beloved neighborhood doing my favorite things:

Drinking chocolat chaud at the Bar du Lycée. Passing by librarie bd 'Barbe Rousse'. Swallowing nostalgia while walking through the Passage VerdeauPassage Jouffroy and Passage des Panoramas. Dropping by boutique-café Rocketship next to Place Gustave Toudouze. Doing groceries in the Rue de Martyrs & chez Heratchian Freres. Strolling around the Saint Pierre fabric market. Going to the movies @ Cinéma des Cinéastes or Studio 28. Visiting a photo exhibition at Le Bal and meeting friends autour d'une pinte-frites at Café du Commerce.

* to be continued *


isabelle said...

Are you leaving Paris ?

Li + Belle said...

That sounds like a good time to take a lot of memories in the future.

sidetable said...

You have truly magnificent pictures in your blog!

Monica B said...

am sucked into that first picture.
ah, what a magical time.