Moments de Mars


Liivia said...

Beautiful house!

I'm happy when I found your blog:)

sarapirat said...


Liz said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment and for visiting my blog <3

I am extremely jealous that you live in Paris! It is one of the dream cities that I want to visit and take photographs of. One day I'll find my way there!

Caroline Hancox said...

ooo, new look! I like it x

Magdalena Nowak said...

dear lovely Anne,

wish you that you can keep all the very special extraordinary 'Moments de Mars' as much as you can in your heart and in your mind. And if there is room for keeping them also into your beautiful photographies it will be perfect!

Warm hugs from

Monika said...

I am pleased that I came across your everyday blog.I like such places, with the climate, with our own road towards happiness.
I will be dropping in:)
ps and France! my great dream!
even I am looking for the sure work for a period of a few months in this country, perhaps will come off;)

studio meez said...

Jouw blog doet me nog harder dromen om ooit in Parijs te willen wonen. Jammer dat men frans niet zo goed is.